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Are you interested in learning more about running with power or taking your power-based training to the next level?

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The eBook is available in English, Spanish, and Polish languages.

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About the Book

What is running power? Why should I measure it? And how can I use it to find my true potential in the sport? 

The Fastest Way To Your Next Personal Best: Running Power answers these questions and more!

This book breaks down the common concerns and misconceptions surrounding running power and highlights how this method of training will ultimately allow you to train smarter & harder than ever before.

All of this information is delivered in simple and easy-to-apply terms so you can confidently decide whether running power is right for you. 

Cover in English

Quotes from the eBook

Running Power Ebook

Real Time Coaching

If you are running with Stryd, you have your coach on your shoe, and every session is automatically included in your training analysis. All you have to do is train with variety and enjoy your new PRs.

Running Power Ebook

Revolutionary Training

Everyone I speak to who has trained with power for a few months is enthusiastic!

Running Power Ebook

Better than Heart Rate Training

I even suspect that within five years, running power will be more common than heart rate training is today.

Running Power Ebook

The Best Racing Tool

Once, I sat at the kitchen table with 3 running friends and showed them how Stryd's race power calculator adjusts your race power to temperature, altitude, and humidity. They were flabbergasted. A week later everyone had bought a Stryd.

Running Power Ebook

Race with Confidence

One of the things that makes Stryd so special, is the race power calculator. In the app, you can enter the distance, and even the course you want to run, under the tab upcoming events. Once you’ve entered this, you immediately see the level of power at which you can run during the race. This is priceless. Headwind, uphill, temperature changes, with Stryd it doesn’t matter. Your plan remains intact because you know exactly what power level you can run at and that’s always correct.

Running Power Ebook

Peace of Mind

I regularly speak to other runners who also train on power, Two comments keep coming back for all runners: "It gives me peace of mind" and "I've made enormous progress"

Running Power Ebook

Interval Training Made Easy

A solid foundation of base training helps you achieve a higher base speed. If your base is good and you’ve already trained a lot in your different zones, then intervals are a good way to become even faster. Targeted interval training is simpler and more precise with power, compared to heart rate interval training.

Running Power Ebook

Reach Your Peak Fitness

This is a common success story of runners racing by power.  Runners often vision their dream finishing time and train just enough to reach them.  But, what if the goals that runners set for themselves are just at the cusp of their true capabilities?  Running by power helps you reach your peak fitness and then go beyond what you thought you were capable of.

Running Power Ebook

Training Made Simple

The big advantage of running with power is that you only have to keep an eye on this one simple to understand number that takes everything into account: altitude, temperature, speed, wind, humidity, and air pressure. 

About the Authors

Hans van Dijk

Hans van Dijk (1954) is a professor and (together with Ron van Megen) author of The Secret of Running. He has been running since 1980 and has impressive PRs: for example, 31:55 in the 10 km and 2:34:15 for the marathon.  Hans is a walking encyclopedia and complicated formulas make his heart skip a beat, but he enjoys sharing his knowledge with all runners in an easily digestible manner to make use of on the daily. 

Picture of Hans

Ron van Megen

Ron van Megen (1957) studied Civil Engineering at TU DELFT, just like Hans. Ron runs a bit slower than Hans with 39:30 on the 10 km and 3:24:54 on the marathon. But when it comes to organizing, looking for partnerships, and forging new plans, Ron is at the forefront.

Picture of Ron van Megen

Koen de Jong

Koen de Jong (1979) is co-owner of and He has written several books on running and breathing. His work has been translated in more than 8 countries and his PR on the marathon is in between that of Hans and Ron.

Picture of Koen de Jong
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Enter your email address to receive your free download of the eBook.

The eBook is available in English, Spanish, and Polish languages.