Most runners train at the wrong intensity.

It's a simple mistake that silently hinders runners at all levels. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Learn more about the science of Stryd below.

Stryd guides you to run at your optimal intensity.

Stryd accounts for hills, wind, form and fatigue so you can train at precisely the right effort on runs of any distance on any terrain. Plus, because Stryd doesn’t rely on GPS, it works the same on a treadmill, indoors, or outside.

Execute your workouts perfectly and perform at your best on race day. Run by power.

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Better training starts with precision technology.

Stryd uses motion-capture sensors and wind capturing tech to understand just how hard you are running. When you run with better precision, you improve faster.

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Better Than GPS

With better consistency and responsiveness than GPS, Stryd’s motion-capture technology paces you with precision, even when running indoors or in places where GPS falters.

Long-Lasting and Light

At only 8 grams and with 20+ hours of run-time per charge, clip it on your shoe and forget it. It's so light you'll forget it's there and most Stryd owners only need to charge it once a month.
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Weather Resistant

Stryd goes where you go. With an IP67 rating, Stryd is water resistant and built to accompany you on every run. Just snap it on and run!
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A complete ecosystem for training.

Real-time guidance on your watch.

You can view your power directly on your watch.

Real-time guidance enables you to make adjustments to your running intensity when you encounter wind, hills, fatigue and more so you always train at the right intensity.

With power, you get the most out of every workout.

Apple Watch + Garmin

Upgrade your Garmin watch with Stryd.

Stryd is compatible with all Connect IQ enabled Garmin watches so see your power and other metrics, such as pace and distance, with an extra level of precision.

Plus on Connect IQ 3.0+ watches, you have the ability to do guided workouts via the Stryd Workout App.

Garmin Watch

Upgrade your Apple Watch with Stryd.

Try the best of Stryd and elevate your Apple Watch to a top-tier runner’s watch.

Get workout guidance, accurate running data, and customized data screens to experience a pro running experience with Stryd + Apple Watch.

Apple Watch
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Getting Started with Power is Easy.

We help you get started with a guided two week ‘Introduction to Power’ plan that teaches you about running with power. You'll find it easier to pace with every run.

How is running with Stryd different?

Power is your go-to guide during any moment of your run. Look at your watch (or phone) and get immediate guidance at the right intensity you should be running at.


Running uphill takes more effort. As you run uphill, your power number increases indicating you should slow down.


As you start going downhill, your effort decreases and you can speed up to maintain the same, constant power output.


And as things flatten out you can speed up, but you will still aim to maintain the same power. In the end you’ve been able to maintain your energy expenditure, never hitting the wall and perfectly pacing your run.

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What does your first run with Stryd look like?

Running with power may be a new training tool but we have made it exceptionally easy to experience the full benefits with the help of your watch and smartphone.

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Pair Stryd with your watch (or phone) and input your training goals.
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Get a personalized target power number for your run directly on your watch.
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Follow the power targets on your watch in real-time to train and reach your goals.
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Review your stats on your phone (or computer) to see how well you executed the run

Do you know when you get fitter? Stryd does — instantly.

Instant Fitness Tracking

As you get fitter, Stryd automatically updates your training targets. You’ll know what to target for every run to ensure you get the most out of every run!

Second-precision Race Planning

We will help you plan and predict your next race finish time down to the second. Upload your race course, input the expected weather conditions, and we will tell you how fast you will race.

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Easily Manage your Training Stress

Stryd’s running stress balance tells you when you are in the sweet spot for training or when you need to rest. The result? You can run more meaningful miles without unnecessarily pushing too hard.

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Adaptive, Power-Based Training

Stryd’s power-based training plans scale with your growing ability. As you improve, the plans update to account for your new level of fitness.

Need to take a break from training? It is easy to resume when you are ready. Perform a test to show your new fitness level and we help you get back on track.

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Runner's World

“We like the simple number (power) that shows how hard you’re working.”

Global Triathlon Network

“I have found it very valuable in my own pacing and it has just been fun.”


"The Stryd power meter can really help you focus your training and staying in the right zones"


"It’s one of the few devices that I would replace unhesitatingly if I lost it."

See what the Stryd community has achieved.

Our mission is to help runners achieve their training and racing goals. We cannot wait to see what you achieve with Stryd.


Setting Personal Records Again

Without being able to keep an eye on my average pace and by relying solely on my goal power zone, I did:

- a personal record on my half marathon by nearly a minute; my old PR was 4 years ago.

- 26'54" Parkrun: my second fastest to date and third fastest 5k overall. Again, my previous fastest times were 4-5 years ago.

All my best times had been achieved immediately before I got pregnant. After that I had to quit running due to physical reasons and I didn't resume running seriously until this past spring.

More Confidence

Confidence to Trust in Myself 

I’d like to share my success story.  After 12 weeks of a high-volume HM training plan, I tried the PowerRace app today and ran the half marathon. I couldn’t be happier. Stryd predicted I would finish in 1:29:40, which I thought was too ambitious. I managed to finish it in 1:29:55. I improved my PR  by 8 minutes! 14K into the race, I thought that I would not be able to hold the pace. But I did — and I literally finished the run on the last bit of energy I had left. This really gave me the confidence to trust in myself and trust my Stryd. And, I might add, during the power-based training plan, I had a higher weekly volume than ever before, but I never felt overtrained or something.  Really spot on. Kudos to this product.


Knowing how hard to push

There are so many variables in trail ultramarathons. Knowing where I’m at & exactly how hard I can push, removes a big chunk of the guesswork & stress. Power helps me pace & train like no other metric can & my running continues to improve because of it.

Dear Maria Count me in

Back to back PRs

I am 4 for 4!  4 racing distance PRs using Stryd (5K, 10K, 13.1 and 26.2) in the last 2 months.  BQed today and PRed by 10mins in my marathon.  Followed my race watts consistently and had strong legs throughout.  So happy I bought STRYD!!!!

Damien's Testimonial

41 minute PR

I just completed the 88km Comrades Ultra using Stryd. Stryd was absolutely critical to holding back in the first half of the race so I could conserve energy for the second half.
The result? 41 minutes faster than 2017. I set PRs on all the segments in the second half. Thanks, Stryd.

Brian's Testimonial

4 weeks of training, really impressed

Result of a 4-week Stryd HM training plan. Really impressed, especially as I was quite dubious at all the easy running.


Faster with more energy

To my utter surprise, I did not only finish the 18K with tons of energy left (well...a good amount of energy), but I found out that my pace was more than 10s per km faster than I had achieved on the same route in the past. I honestly could not believe this! Not only was the route trickier than I usually would have chosen for an 18K run, but it turned out that I was much faster than usual yet I had more energy left! Running with power took all the mental effort out of my training as I did not have to gauge how fast to go uphill. I just ran, enjoyed the environment, stopped thinking, and I was faster. I am really liking this!

Dan's Testimonial

Amazingly Accurate

Sometimes I can’t believe how accurate Stryd can be. I went out today with the intention of a 10 mile moderate run by feel—not really paying attention to metrics, but was feeling strong early on and the weather was nice, so I pivoted to see if I could beat my half marathon PR since I’ve been training. Still continued to run mostly by feel until the last 2-3 miles or so where it was pretty much all out to maintain pace/output.. so overall a solid trial effort. Knocked 5 mins off my Half time. Now here’s the most interesting part.. avg’d 270W for a finish time of 1:39:11. Out of curiosity, I pulled up race calc in Stryd... suggested 269W with a finish time of 1:39:24. 13 seconds variance! It’s amazing how accurate Stryd is I absolutely love it.

Matt's Testimonial

Ready in Seconds

I’ve been doing the workouts on my Apple Watch and I love how easy it is to just open my Stryd app, sync my workout, and go!

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