Make run training easy with Stryd Membership

Run training is about to become a lot easier, faster, and more effective thanks to the Stryd Membership.

Stryd’s new Membership takes care of the analysis and planning of your data and then perfectly paces you through every training run, time trial, and race so you run at your best every time.

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Go run

Let Stryd crunch the data

You get all the benefits of data-driven training — without any of the work of sifting through your data.

Analysis is done for you with Stryd’s insights. Daily training is delivered to your watch and training targets are automatically personalized with auto-calculated Critical Power. Complete, custom race plans are made for you and adapt to your changing fitness with Stryd’s Race Power Calculator. Stryd’s Membership makes data work for you by doing all the hard work for you.

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The Stryd Membership Difference

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