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Our most features ever at our best price ever

5K to Marathon training plans, automated & intelligent insights, and precision race planning can all be yours at our best price ever.

We reduced our upfront cost of Stryd by 30% with our Stryd + Membership bundle.

You make a 6 month commitment to the Stryd Membership and Stryd will deliver a precise, personalized, and targeted training block to help you get to your peak running fitness. 

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No long term commitment + flexible subscription options

The best part of this new Stryd + Membership bundle is that the total cost is less than buying Stryd on its own! You get to experience the new membership features for 6 months and keep the pod after that commitment period is over. 

When it is time to train with the membership again, the subscription options are flexible and you can choose to resubscribe when it is convenient for you.

You can choose among month-to-month, 4 month, and yearly renewal options. All options give you the flexibility to grab a Stryd training plan, build up for a race or time trial, and then execute the perfect power-based plan — no long term commitment needed!

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Be on the forefront of running innovation with the Stryd Membership

You get access to two powerful innovations with the Stryd Membership.

First, you get innovative insights driven by your Stryd data. Stryd continuously gets to know who you are as a runner from every activity. That means that insights, training targets, and guidance becomes more personalized to you as you log more data.

Second, you get the latest Stryd innovations. As a member, you are taking part in a global running community that is guiding the direction of innovation & receiving the latest power-based features as soon as they become available.

You will fuel the next wave of running innovation!

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Stryd Membership is with you from day one to race day

Your best race or time trial is on its way when you start running with the Stryd Membership.

Your journey starts with the intro plan which teaches you everything you need to run with power. Your next few months are dedicated to building your fitness with a power-based training plan. Then, you complete your first power-based training cycle with a perfectly paced race with running power.

Your Best Race Is Yet To Come

The Stryd Membership Difference

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See power-based training in action | Join the community

Join a passionate community of Stryd owners who discuss power-based training practices, support others in their training, and come together around the lifestyle created around a passion for running.

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