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The Stryd Membership offers pro-level tools and guidance to optimize training decisions around your busy life schedule while keeping your running fun, impactful, fresh, & challenging.

How the Membership powers your training - Background

Let the Stryd Membership power your run training.

Stryd Membership takes out the guess work with features including customized training plan creation, tools to analyze how you perform against your plan, and the ability to edit and adapt your plan to your busy life.

With Stryd Membership, you focus your efforts and enjoyment on running. We take care of the rest.

Training Customized for You

Guided training that fits your life

Adapt your training to a busy lifestyle without compromising your goals. Keep training productive and see instantly-updating automated insights into the effects of on-the-fly training plan adjustments, changing race day conditions, and find the workouts that matter most.

Create personalized, smart, and adjustable training plans which fit your ever-changing routine.

Compare past, current, and future weeks of your training and learn what matters for you.

Race day predictions based around temperature, humidity, elevation, and course profile.

Personalized Training Plans

Keep Your Goals in Sight

Progression like a pro

Build out your entire race season using Stryd's comprehensive plan management & plan analysis tools. Adjust training plans, training phases, weekly structure, and daily workouts that predict alignment with your racing objectives to achieve the results you've been dreaming of.

Account for the progression of multiple races across your entire season & leading into your A-Race.

Tailor workouts to your preferences & progress level and then quickly add them to your training plan.

Edit training phases, weekly structure, or daily workouts and instantly view the effect on progress.

Stryd adapts to you background

Stryd adapts to your running routine & goals.

Input your goals and how frequently you want to train and Stryd automatically does the rest: fitting training into your running lifestyle.

Exciting New Ways to Train

Make training fun & challenging

Escape monotony with unique and challenging workouts curated by the Stryd team. Help keep training fresh and fun all while staying on track with long term goals. Access a library of pre-built workouts or quickly & easily build your own and add it to your running schedule at anytime.

Take advantage of any workout from Stryd’s growing database of more than 70 curated workouts.

Try a unique new workout each week by adding Stryd’s 'Workout of the Week' to your calendar.

Refine & collect your favorite workouts in the Workout Library & add them anytime into your routine.


Why run with the Stryd Membership?

Stryd Membership gives you the the most advanced tools in the industry that help you to run your best. Guiding you to your best, it gives you full control to progress and keep training fun.



Let your most impacting training be your guide with customized plans.


Training that fits your life schedule & achieves your running goals.


Keep training fun & challenging with fresh, never stale workouts.